Preparation for What Might Lie Ahead Begins NOW

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

I woke up today feeling like it’s time to begin my training for what is to be a long marathon.

It might be one that lasts my entire life, or at the very least for the next few years. I want to be physically healthy for this, so I immediately began to watch more carefully what I eat, and will be increasing my exercise during the week. I want to read and absorb the work of freedom fighters from the past, from peace-makers, from modern day spiritual-types – my studies begin now. I want to learn more about government, and the law, so I can be more aware of how this all actually works. I am turning to like-minded loved ones more than ever, to find support and to share support. I am even taking the step of reaching out to a Trump-supporter I’ve known since middle school to start a dialogue with him about this election, so I humanize him instead of demonize him.

The world is a different place than it was Tuesday night. Priorities and plans will shift – perhaps not overnight, but we can sense it is to come.

We have time, starting now, to prepare ourselves, however we see fit, in whatever way works best for us as individuals.

This gives us time to let the reality set in – that, although we don’t know what is to come, the world in which we thought we lived in has been, to a certain extent, an illusion. It is shocking, sad, and scary.

There is far more going on than we realized. There is far more work to be done than we thought.

This gives us time to grieve the loss of the vision of where we thought we were headed next, and adjust for “the unknown.”

What else would you add to this list?

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