Hormone Update! (A Nonbinary Elder Perspective)

I wanted to talk to you about something I haven’t yet spoken about publicly, and I feel like you are the right audience for me to share this with first!

It has to do with my HORMONE JOURNEY. My history of struggling with them since I was a teenager, all the way through young adulthood, up until the present day at age 45.

I am finally working with a doctor who is helping me get to the bottom of things, and I’m pretty excited about it. 🙂

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  • Ang

    April 22, 2021 at 9:57 AM Reply

    I just wanted to say how helpful this was/is. I am finally more fully coming out as nonbinary/genderqueer, have been diagnosed with PMDD and probably endometriosis. I’m on a journey to treat both my gender dysphoria and these other conditions and it’s WAY more complex than I thought it would be. Currently I’m on Yaz birth control to help with cysts/endo but am very interested in microdosing. Unfortunately I can’t take Yaz & T. Soooo, I’m considering going off BC in a few months, starting prog-only like you, and microdosing, hoping that my endo pain doesn’t come back. It’s all so detailed!

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