Counseling and Gender Therapy in Colorado

Before we begin, please note that this service is available only to those residing in the state of Colorado, USA. That’s because, according to Colorado state licensing laws, I can only practice counseling for clients who reside in the state in which I am licensed.

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As you can probably tell by now a major part of my counseling practice, as well as my professional life, is devoted to working with and for persons whom identify as transgender and gender diverse, and gender questioning. I also work with loved ones as they attempt to navigate the changes that come along with potential major life changes such as this.

I am a member of WPATH (World Professional Association of Transgender Health).

I see individuals and couples, as well having joint sessions with integral persons in the client’s life (such as a parent, sibling, best friend, etc.). I do not provide services to those under the age of fifteen, nor do I provide “family therapy” (i.e. providing counseling to several members of the client’s family simultaneously). However, I would be able to connect you with transgender-friendly and aware therapists in Colorado who can assist us in these areas.

Although I conduct most of my counseling sessions in my comfy and cozy office in Colorado Springs, we can discuss the options for us to use tele-therapy as an alternative for those who live in rural areas (i.e. phone or internet options).

Interested in my counseling and/or gender therapy services? Schedule your free 30-minute consultation to get started.

Individual Consultation

Consultation can be highly useful for those who, due to their role in their profession, need more information on the transgender experience. It is usually short-term, focused on problem-solving, structured, and educational. Here are a few examples of folks whom I have assisted through consultation:

  • Mental health professionals who would like to learn more about working with transgender clients (for those outside of Colorado working towards licensure: this would not replace clinical supervision, which you would need to obtain in the state where you are practicing).
  • Journalists who want to learn how to report on transgender issues accurately, respectfully, and with sensitivity.
  • Business owners, organization leaders, church clergy, and other manager-types who need to understand the rights of transgender individuals on both a national and state level, so as to make their environment as safe and equal as possible for them.
  • High school principals and counselors, university staff, and other educators who need to understand the rights of transgender students on both a national and state level, so as to make their environment as safe and equal as possible for them.

Please contact me for rates. I offer consultation in 15-minute, 30-minute, and 60-minutes blocks of time. If your question or concern can be addressed in less than 15-minutes then there is no charge for the consultation.

“I truly enjoyed out meeting Sunday and I learned so much. I feel I have a much, much better understanding on transgender issues, as well as a more intimate look into the hearts of these people who hope to end their suffering by working toward becoming who they really are. I really appreciate your time and allowing me to ask candid questions.” – Carie Canterbury, Canon City Daily Record

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