Introducing Dara Hoffman-Fox

Hi, I’m Dara Hoffman-Fox. My pronouns are Dara/they/them.

I’m a queer-identified mental health counselor whose passion for working with gender-questioning, transgender, and nonbinary clients goes far beyond the four walls of my private practice.

My goal is to get as much education, resources, and support out there as possible to the trans and gender-questioning persons of the world. Through the magic of the internet I am able to do this through my Conversations with a Gender Therapist YouTube channel  and Facebook page, media and podcast interviews, and the content you’ll find on this website.

A Journey of Self-Exploration
Your Gender, Your Life, your Guide

I am also the author of You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Discovery  (DHF Press, 2016; Skyhorse Publishing, 2017). I created this guidebook in response to the most frequently asked question that I continue to receive to this day: “Dara, can you please help me figure out my gender identity?” Containing practical tools and exercises for gender-questioning individuals to use during their self-discovery journey, it is truly a labor of love that I am so pleased to share with those who are in need.

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My goal is to get as much education, resources, and support out there as possible to the trans and gender-questioning persons of the world.

I love collaborating with others who share the same passion as I do for making positive change in this world for those who are trans. Connecting with colleagues at conferences, featuring guest bloggers, supporting and promoting the projects of others, and inviting experts onto my YouTube channel are just a few of the ways I’ve enjoyed doing this. I plan on increasing this circle of trusted allies as wide as I can, as it is an incredibly rewarding aspect of the work I do.

As I have pursued my goal of helping to create a world where transgender and nonbinary folks are free to be their authentic selves, I’ve recognized that those who are not trans must be a part of the solution as well. This is why I am committed to educating, training, and consulting with mental health professionals who wish to work with trans and gender-questioning clients. I also enjoy working with educators, business owners, the media, and the entertainment industry in this capacity.

Here’s how I see it: every non-trans person who I can enlighten will then share their newfound knowledge and understanding with someone else who isn’t trans, and so on, and so forth. This is how dramatic societal change happens, one step at a time!

Southeastern Transgender Health Summit, Asheville, NC

Now please, grab your favorite beverage, situate yourself somewhere comfortable, and sink as far into this website as you’d like. You can share your thoughts and suggestions with me at by visiting my contact page, as well as on Facebook.

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