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Do you need advice on coming out and transitioning? Are you wrestling with questions surrounding your gender identity?

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As a queer, nonbinary mental health counselor I know how challenging, overwhelming, and confusing it can be as a gender questioning, transgender, or nonbinary person. That’s why I created the tools and resources you will find here at Conversations with a Gender Therapist. Loved ones, allies, and trans-affirming therapists are encouraged to explore the information here as well!


Are you wrestling with questions surrounding your gender identity that just don’t seem to “go away?” Do you want answers to your questions about your gender identity, but aren’t sure how to get started?

In You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Discovery, Dara Hoffman-Fox LPC guides you step-by-step along the path of self-discovery – allowing you to find and embrace your authentic self.

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The Conversations with a Gender Therapist Blog


Here you’ll find articles, videos, and interviews from Dara . There are also plenty of guest blog posts, ensuring you’ll enjoy a wide spectrum of insight and advice around the transgender and nonbinary experience.

  • Why I Hate Talking on the Phone (#misgenderedagain)

    I hate talking on the phone, especially when it has to do with anything customer service related. I know I’m not alone in this, but this morning I realized my own, most recent reason, for hating it. I am ALWAYS misgendered over the phone. Over......

  • Trans-Allyship: Advice From One Cisgender Person to Another

    Last week someone I know on Facebook posted a question on my wall: “Would it be better to come up with a truly inclusive set of pronouns to respect all who don’t identify as any of the existing ones, rather than trying to call individuals......

  • “Using ‘they/them’ as a pronoun is too hard.”

    This is one of the most frequent statements I’ve heard over the last couple of years – both in my personal life as someone who uses they/them pronouns, and in my professional life as a trans/nonbinary-awareness trainer. If you’ve ever thought or said this before,......

  • Hormone Update! (A Nonbinary Elder Perspective)

    I wanted to talk to you about something I haven’t yet spoken about publicly, and I feel like you are the right audience for me to share this with first! It has to do with my HORMONE JOURNEY. My history of struggling with them since......

  • Interview with the “Mothering & Daughtering” Show

    Interview with:  Mothering & Daughtering, “Supporting Your Trans, Non-Binary or Gender Questioning Kid.” Hosted by Sil Reynolds. Date of Release: 7/25/19 Episode Length: 38 minutes From the host: What’s your relationship to your gender?
And yes, it’s different than your biological sex. If you’re not sure......

  • Interview with “Say More About That…” Podcast

    Interview with: Say More About That…, “An Important Conversation with a Transgender Competent Therapist.” Hosted by Jeff Guenther, MS, LPC. Date of Release: 7/22/19 Episode Length: 41 minutes From the host: Jeff and Dara Hoffman-Fox, a fellow therapist, talk about important issues in the transgender community. This......

  • Collab with Ash Hardell: “It’s (NOT) Just a Phase – The Experiences of Nonbinary Folks 30-70 Years of Age”

    What an honor to be a part of this video! Thanks to Ash Hardell for taking the time to create what ended up being a hugely impactful message to their audience (check out the almost 1500 comments on the video to see!). Description from Ash:......

  • Interview with “Abundant Practice Podcast”

    Interview with: Abundant Practice Podcast, “Supporting Nonbinary Folx in Session and in Life.” Hosted by Allison Puryear. Date of Release: 5/15/19 Episode Length: 25 minutes From the host: In this week’s episode, ‘Supporting Non-Binary Folx in Session and in Life‘, we discuss: Are you proficient......

  • Interview with “Unapologetically Sensitive” Podcast

    Interview with: Unapologetically Sensitive Podcast, “Conversation with a Non-Binary HSP Therapist with Dara Hoffman-Fox.” Hosted by Patricia Young, LCSW. Date of Release: 2/5/19 (Part One), 2/7/19 (Part Two) Episode Length: 62 minutes (Part One), 48 minutes (Part Two) From the host: Part One: Dara talks......