Post-Surgery Reflections: Yay for Gender Dysphoria Reduction! (My Nonbinary Update)

This is Part Two in my “Post-Surgery Reflections” series, where I discuss having undergone a trans-affirming surgery from the perspective of a nonbinary gender therapist.

In “Yay for Gender Dysphoria Reduction!” I share:

– Discussing what is gender dysphoria.

– How long it’s been since I’ve known my chest didn’t fit who I was.

– In what ways I experienced discomfort (physical and emotional) with my chest.

– What I’ve done over the years to try to cope with my chest discomfort.

– Why this feels right for “Dara.”

– One of the surprises I’ve experienced so far, regarding my results.

– Looking to the future: exploring chest support, focusing on other areas of health

– Why I think it’s important to share my journey with you!

– How my feminine/masculine energy is in moving into more balance now.

– How the feeling of disconnect from my body is resolving itself.

– Tips for those who are considering getting surgery to change your chest.

Watch Part One: Procedure & Recovery here

Watch Part Three: Caregiver Duties & Partner Support

Watch Part Four: 4-Week Anniversary Update!

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