Post-Surgery Reflections: Procedure & Recovery (My Nonbinary Update)

This is Part One in my “Post-Surgery Reflections” series, where I discuss having undergone a trans-affirming surgery from the perspective of a nonbinary gender therapist.

In “Procedure & Recovery” I share:

– What surgery was performed and why I had it done

– What steps I took to get as healthy as possible leading up to the surgery

– Details about the surgery & the results

– What I did during my recovery to ensure proper healing

– Pain & discomfort levels experienced

– Timeline of increasing range of motion with my arms

– The 2 things that are most difficult for me not to be able to do yet

– 3 items you can use to help with healing after surgery

– How I was able to fund my healing supplies & copay

– How the post-surgical binder feels

– How my first appointment after the surgery went

Watch Part Two: Yay for Gender Dysphoria Reduction!

Watch Part Three: Caregiver Duties & Partner Support

Watch Part Four: 4-Week Anniversary Update!

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