Introducing… the “Transition Transmission” Podcast

I am going to do two things at once in this post (I know, talented!).

  1. Introduce you to a thoroughly entertaining and informative transgender podcast.
  2. Share with you an interview I recently gave on that podcast.

Introducing… Transition Transmission

Transition Transmission is a podcast hosted by Amber Neko, Alexandria Tibby, and Ramona Mona. Here’s the description, in their words:

“We are a by and for Transgender podcast. We are also a transgender and lgbt news conduit. Our mission is to push for transgender rights, visibility of transgender women and men, and let our reader and listeners know what’s going on in the world and share our own personal stories as well.”

I first discovered the podcast in February of this year while I was on my way to, ironically enough, Colorado Gold Rush, an annual conference put on by The Gender Identity Center of Colorado. I was impressed with the combination of the reporting and discussing of current trans issues combined with the down-to-earth and sometimes absolutely hilarious perspective of these gals.

Soon afterwards I contacted the “Transgender Trio” and introduced myself as a gender therapist in Colorado who was a fan of their podcast. I offered to be a guest interviewee on their show and was delighted they said “Absolutely!”

The interview has it’s share of introspective discussion, acute observations, as well as giggling and bonding. It was a real pleasure to be a part of their show for that episode!

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Here’s the link to take you to the podcast interview, Episode 22

Here’s the Transition Transmission website,
where you can stay caught up on the latest trans news stories.

Here’s how you can subscribe to the Transition Transmission podcast

Here’s the Facebook page for Transition Transmission

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