Introducing…”The Gender Book”

I just heard about a publication called The Gender Book that I am very excited to introduce you to. The book is still in it’s rough draft, but that’s being done on purpose by the creators of The Gender Book (Robin Mack, Jay Mays, Mel Reiff Hill, and Boston Bostian). They’ve been sharing the book on the internet since day one in the hopes of getting “constructive feedback” from potential readers.

Here’s what Cara, who wrote about the book on Autostraddle, had to say about The Gender Book:

The product of “countless interviews, over 200 surveys, many hours in the library, and a bunch of soul-searching,” The Gender Book is a beautifully illustrated guide to the infinite possibilities of human identification. It’s interactive, patient, funny, and intersectional, and it covers everything from generalizations to pronouns to how to be a good ally. And it’s respectful of identification as a constant and personal journey, providing no ‘answers’ beyond its page-nine declaration that “Gender is, simply, how you see yourself.”

I love infographics, and this book is full of them. They are all available for downloading at no cost (just be sure to note your source when using them).

This is the type of publication that I believe could really make a difference, when it comes to educating the masses about… Well, I’ll let them tell you, taken directly from their website:

The Goals of The Gender Book

  • To educate everyone (for example: doctors, friends, schoolteachers, family and individuals who are exploring their gender) about gender…
  • To be a free & widely disseminated resource that points readers towards comprehensive sources…
  • To alleviate societial oppression & misunderstanding of gender minorities through education.

By the way, I love how often the trans* community works together to share noteworthy information.

I found out about The Gender Book through a Facebook post by TransAdvocate, who posted the article “Team Pick: ‘The Gender Book’ Is The Best Thing You Will Read Online Today,” which was posted on the Autostraddle website.

And now you’re hearing about it from me! By all means feel free to share it using the social media buttons below this post, so as to keep the word spreading.

Homework Assignment

Use the social media buttons below this post to keep the word spreading about this book 🙂

Check out The Gender Book website and see what the rough draft of the book has to offer, as well as sending in any revisions, comments, or suggestions for it.

Click the DONATE button on the top right corner of each page on the website to help the makers of the book with their goal of getting the book printed.

Download the booklet of The Gender Book, which is a 6-page version of the “essentials” from it.  They encourage you to print it out (again, it’s free!) and spread the word of it’s teachings.

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