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Interview with: Selling the Couch, “Developing a Niche in Supporting Gender-Questioning or Transgender Clients with Dara Hoffman-Fox, LPC,” Episode 158. Hosted by Melvin Varghese, PhD.

Date of Release: May 17, 2018

Episode Length: 35 minutes

From the host:

How do clinicians hone in on a particular niche? Is it important to focus on a specific ideal client? Our conversation today is one that’s needed in today’s world because it’s a focus on developing a niche in supporting gender-questioning or transgender clients. There aren’t a lot of therapists who focus solely on helping with these issues.

Dara Hoffman-Fox, LPC, is located in Colorado Springs, CO. Dara works exclusively with people in the LGBTQI population. We’re discussing Dara’s journey and what they learned along the way. Dara shares the importance of languaging in dealing with marginalized communities, even down to the questions on your intake paperwork. Dara’s background in videography and communications has allowed them to utilize YouTube videos in a big way to market their practice. We talk about Dara’s website and how the words and images are used in a practical way. This episode is helpful for all clinicians, and not just those focused on gender issues.

What We’ll Learn

  • How Dara’s personal issues around their own sexuality led them to a counseling degree and work at the local Pride center, where Dara found community and connection
  • How Dara started their private practice but took about a year to hone in on their clientele
  • The name for Dara’s practice, The Bohemian Sanctuary: where it came from and what they wanted to convey with the name
  • Dara’s approach to counseling from a storytelling perspective and how they want clients to feel when they come to see them
  • Dara’s intention behind the words on their website: “Even though therapy might be scary, your therapist doesn’t have to be.”
  • The inspiration in paring down the words: “What would I want to see as a client?”
  • What clients want from your website: clear information and a human connection
  • The purpose behind the website image of two coffee cups and the walking tour of Dara’s office
  • How YouTube videos combine Dara’s filmmaking interest and their passion for helping the transgender community
  • Marketing and multiple referral sources: Psychology Today listing, Google, two separate websites, blogs, and the Facebook community
  • How to get your name “out there” so people can find you
  • Focusing on Facebook and YouTube with gender-issue clients, but guarding against spreading herself too thin
  • Repurposing videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs
  • Top 3 Tips in creating a private practice serving the LGBTQI population:
    • Look at your intake paperwork to make sure the language is inclusive
    • Promote your office as a “Safe Zone”
    • Share articles about the issues on websites and social media sites

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