“Changes in Latitudes: A Transgender Experience”: Podcast Interview with Dara Hoffman-Fox LPC


In this two-part interview I discuss all sorts of topics with the host of the “Changes in Latitudes: A Transgender Experience” podcast, Charley Sabrina Miller. Here is a peek at what you’ll hear:

Part One

  • Hear what “Dara and the Mascaras” is all about
  • Lots of personal tidbits about my youth, including: how I was torn between two different career paths as I entered into college, what age I can remember starting to like girls, the crush I had on my 8th grade teacher and how it “scared me straight,” how my sexual orientation and gender identity were both confused/repressed during this time
  • Why I ended up moving to Colorado after college (let’s just say it involves the words “Air Force wife”)
  • What it was like when, at age 30, I came out as gay
  • Reflecting on what I might have been like as a teen if I had been “myself” and how I am able to (somewhat) bring this into my life present-day
  • Discussion around masculine and feminine energy as it pertains to gender identity
  • Looking at how more kids nowadays are able to express their full spectrum of gender while having supportive parents
  • The “Shaming of the Feminine” that still permeates our culture
  • My own personal search for a pronoun, as well as feeling out my own gender identity and how that has changed over the past year
  • Tips on how to handle misgendering
  • Feeling out whether or not one is comfortable “putting themselves out there” when it comes to being a gender advocate
  • How the coming out process never seems to end

Click here to listen to Part One!

Part Two

  • Discussion around my upcoming book, YOU AND YOUR GENDER IDENTITY: A GUIDE TO DISCOVERY
  • How it plays off of the “Hero’s Journey” (ala Joseph Campbell)
  • What inspired the book
  • Note: The release date of the book has been changed to Spring 2016, and it is also now going to be ONE big book and not three separate books
  • Discovering one of my life purposes through the process of working with transgender/gender non-conforming clients
  • Gender identity vs. Gender expression
  • Speed Round Questions! Which include “What is your favorite curse word?” and “What sound do you hate?”

Click here to listen to Part Two!

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