Tools & Tips for Trans-Positive Collaboration Between Therapists & Clients

What an honor to be invited by Micah to participate in the “Patients & Providers” series on the blog!

In this video I discuss how both patients and providers can work together by utilizing the newly released edition of YOU AND YOUR GENDER IDENTITY: A GUIDE TO DISCOVERY, a guidebook for those who are searching for answers about their true gender identity.

I also give tips for those who are gender questioning, transgender, and nonbinary as to how you can feel more empowered going into a therapeutic relationship with a mental health provider.

Lastly, I share with providers what they can do to be sure they are offering their trans-identified patients with the best care possible.

Links discussed in the video:

Patients & Providers Series at

“Nervous About Meeting a New Gender Therapist?”

“How to Find a Gender Therapist”

Free download of the WPATH Standards of Care

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