“How Can I Determine If I Should Start HRT?” (Gender Therapist Q&A)

Trying to determine whether or not you should start HRT can be a confusing and overwhelming process. In this episode of Conversations with a Gender Therapist Q&A I provide advice to a viewer around this topic, including a free tool that you can download.

Downloadable tool is found here on this website – just type your name into the opt-in box to the right of this post. If you already subscribe to my newsletter, use the Contact form on this website to let me know you’d like for me to send you the tool.

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  • Jennifer

    July 3, 2017 at 5:14 PM Reply

    Firstly really great general advice.:) One option for the amab side may be just anti androgen, I do realize its not transition per say but for some may be that works for them better. Such as for whatever reason they are not sure or do not want to fully transition. It may be an option in a sense of testing the waters if you will.

    As a note from my experience thus far is I have been on spiro which to be honest didn’t really do much. Then I quit that and tried testosterone which that did not go well. I later tried more spiro and finasteride which for me at least helped in both dysphoria and blood pressure on top of it. Of course that is my experience thus far and not sure what the future will hold.

    Just a thought as to another option from the amab angle which I realise from the afab direction it is all or none option regarding hormones.

    Should you write a article on this that could be huge considering the biological effects and mental effects both good and bad. Look forward to your opinions on that front.:)

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