My Sad TSA Experience: UPDATE!

Back in October 2016 I had a negative experience with TSA at the Asheville Regional Airport. I just spoke with the Transportation Security Manager at the airport and am eager to share with you how the conversation went!


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  • Knox

    July 17, 2017 at 10:09 PM Reply

    I had a similar experience in Nashville back in February. First it made me laugh, because I AM an anomaly, after all-but the “pat down” subdued me. The last woman who touched me like that at least bought me a drink first. The agent never looked me in the eye but had plenty to say about my sartorial choices and quiff. I was not at all gracious about the ordeal. I have a hunch the event was more about policing an outlier body, and I expect more of that as we hurtle backward to more rigid gender roles and a rejection of anything outside of strict heteronormativity.

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