I have a theory that the employers, administrators, department heads, and educators who end up on this site are here either because they want to be or because they have to be.

In other words, you may genuinely want to create a welcoming, safe and equal environment for those who are transgender or gender nonconforming.

Or, you’re here because your boss, Human Resources Department, or Board of Directors told you you have to do this because, at this point, many states ban discrimination against a person based on their gender identity or expression.

Even if you live in a state that does not yet have such protections, your business, organization, or school might be making it a priority to act “as if” they are in place in order to create a more inclusive environment for those who are trans.

I mean this not as a judgment, but as a way of helping you clarify for yourself what it is you need from this site, as well as the other transgender education resources that are out there.

When it comes down to it, you can break it up like this:

GOAL #1 Treat persons who are transgender with respect and fairness.

If that’s all you end up doing, that that should still be enough to satisfy the powers-that-be.

Here are a few posts to get you started:

The Transgender Right to Equal Access to Public Restrooms

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The Coy Mathis Decision: A Landmark Moment in Transgender History

However, if you feel like taking things up a notch at your place of business or educational institution…

GOAL #2: Be understanding of and supportive to persons who are transgender.

Some posts to help you with this are:

“So How Does Someone Know if They are Transgender?”

Ma’am and Sir in a Transgender World: Part OneTwo, and Three

Ask a Gender Therapist: Difficult Trans-Related Conversations and How to Have Them

If you find yourself wanting to do even more at your workplace then the last step is…

GOAL #3: Be an ally and/or advocate for people who are transgender.

Again, some posts to get you started on this:

5 Things You Can Do to Promote Transgender Awareness

Confession Time: When Trans Allies Screw Up

The Story of Why Being a Gender Therapist is My Calling

Also, keep in mind I am also available to work with on an individual or group basis.


There are a lot of other great sites and articles out there with information worth checking out. Here are a few that I recommend:

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